Plasma HEC Projects, March-October 2014

This RAP awarded 100 mAU in total for the 6 month period from 31 March 2014. There were 11 proposals in total who between them requested 226 mAU. Of the 11 projects two were unfunded and others were joined to give 7 final projects as detailed below.

Project Code Project PI Project Description Project Initial Allocation
e281-ionaccel Paul McKenna, Strathclyde Laser driven ion acceleration 7 mAU
e281-gs2 Edmund Highcock, Oxford Simulations of EM fluctuations in tokamaks using GS2 14 mAU
e281-gs2opt Colin Roach, CCFE Optimising GS2 14 mAU
e281-lpi Peter Norreys, Oxford Laser plasma instablities 7 mAU
e281-fastig Robbie Scott, CLF Fast electron collimation for fast ignition 20 mAU
e281-rti Jerry Chittenden, Imperial Rad-hydro simulations of implosions 18 mAU
e281-bout Ben Dudson, York Tokamak simulations using BOUT++ 20 mAU