Plasma HEC HECToR Projects

List of projects on the old national system HECToR supported by Plasma HEC from March 2013 to March 2014.

Project Code Project PI Project Description Project Initial Allocation
e281 Tony Arber, Warwick For testing small jobs only 1,000 kAU
e281-ionaccel Paul McKenna, Strathclyde Laser driven ion acceleration 3,430 kAU
e281-qedplasma Chris Ridgers, York QED Plamsas 34,000 kAU
e281-gs2opt Colin Roach, CCFE Optimising GS2 2,000 kAU
e281-fastig Robbie Scott, CLF Fast electron collimation for fast ignition 1,000 kAU
e281-rti Jerry Chittenden, Imperial Rad-hydro simulations of implosions 18,000 kAU
e281-bout Ben Dudson, York Tokamak simulations using BOUT++ 2,135 kAU
e281-gkw Gabor Szepesi Tokamak simulations using GKW 378 kAU
e281-gs2 Samuli Saarelma GS2 simulations for MAST 300 kAU